Testimonials from Customers and Employees


Asahi Contracting has been the primary landscape contractor at Somerville Corner on Cook Road in Kelowna for a number of years.  The residents of Somerville Corner are very satisfied with service Asahi Contracting provides to us and we look forward to continuing the excellent relationship for years to come.

Jim Connaghan

Somerville Corner
We just completed our first year with Asahi Contracting for our strata and have already renewed next year’s contract and plan to continue for many years to come. Kevin and his team came highly recommended by friends who’ve used Asahi’s services for 20 years. After years of “getting by” with other landscaping companies working with Kevin Stringer has been a delight. Our grounds have never looked so lovely and well maintained. Kevin dealt with any requests promptly and his team members are efficient, well trained and very neat. When we had some major issues with irrigation this year they were able to refer us to reasonably priced and highly skilled trades people. Since hiring Asahi we’ve had many owners complimenting on how attractive the complex looks. We are delighted to have Kevin and his team working for us!

Dianne Graham

Orchard Terrace Strata
Asahi Contracting has been the landscape contractor for our strata development from the inception of our strata 20 years ago.  We have been completely satisfied with Kevin and his staff and they have been professional, knowledgeable, attentive and most helpful whenever we have had a problem or special request. We have renewed our contract with Asahi multiple times so this is an indication that we are happy with the service that we receive. Kevin takes great pride in the work that he and his team do for us.  They are also very tidy and never leave a mess after they’re gone.

We would happily recommend them and look forward to many more years of great service.

Norm Drake

Bennett Estate
Working with Kevin Stringer and his staff at Asahi is a pleasure. Our strata company hired Asahi to maintain our strata property a few years ago. We have extensive lawn areas and mature vegetation that requires regular maintenance. Kevin keeps us well informed, deals with any requests promptly and hires well trained staff. Since hiring Asahi, we have had many owners and visitors compliment us on how attractive our grounds look.

Fiore Del Sole Strata,
Landscaping Committee

Jadine Leclaire and Lynn Weger

Kevin at Asahi has been our gardener for over 15 years. His crew is always presentable and friendly. I couldn’t recommend them more. A very hard working and organized company.

Marnie W


Kevin hired me back in 2007 as a newbie and taught me all I needed to know. Since then the crews have grown larger and larger and I was offered a crew supervisor position. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed at this company. Kevin leads a fleet of trucks, 3 to be exact, with all his tools that are neatly organized to get the job done right. We all communicate with a radio system which is super handy and it makes everything go much smoother. I’ve worked at Asahi for 9 years or so and will keep doing so because it is a rewarding and fulfilling career with room to grow.

Lindsay M

I’ve worked for Kev for 6 years now and I wouldn’t trade this time for another industry. He expects a lot but he gives back. Its hard work but I’ve enjoyed it.

Kyle D

Kev’s a hard-a** but he makes it work. Never a dull moment.

Justin P

Asahi is top of the line, mate! Gruelling but lots of laughs. The weekly pay came in handy.

Lucas S

During my employment with Asahi Contracting I learned many skills and techniques in the field of landscape gardening. From the beginning it was made clear to me that teamwork, attention to detail and a determined attitude were all essential elements to being a successful employee at Asahi. I also noticed that each individual that I worked with strived to do their best at each task and there was no lack of encouragement for me to do the same. Because of the fast pace and the constant striving to be more efficient, the days would fly by. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an Asahi employee. I would highly recommend this job to anyone who is a dedicated, disciplined and motivated individual who has a keen eye for detail and a determined attitude. Kevin is a great guy to work for and the crews have an array of personalities that make working here fun!

Kaleb S

Asahi is a company that stands by teamwork, efficiency, and hard work. Not only was it a job that involved direct focus on the job site, the other employees created a fun atmosphere which makes you want to go to work every morning. It is extremely rewarding to look back at the job site and see how beautiful our work was at the end of the day. I would recommend working at Asahi to anyone looking for a job in the landscaping field. Working under Kevin and his staff taught me many skills that I will take with me to any job I attain in the future. I will never forget the summer I worked with Asahi.

Tristen S

Asahi is great. I learned a lot and it helped get me back into school. Kevin and Mike tried hard to help me fit in and asked me a lot of questions. They take crew morale really seriously. The supervisors are good. I have good memories.

Jordan S

I made it through the first 2 weeks and I’m glad I hung in there. I never saw Kev out of uniform the whole time. Weird.

Dave R